Information for brands interested in partnering with Climate Change Workshops to reach a motivated new audience.

For product or service brands

Provide free samples to give away and/or a unique climate change workshop discount for participants to help them subscribe or place repeat orders.


Build awareness with a motivated audience and create loyalty by associating your brand with positive lifestyle changes and outcomes.

Gain access to the members-only online forum and engage directly with people interested in what your brand can offer.

Your brand is shown on the website, forum, newsletters, and banners during workshops and accompanying printed materials (handouts, etc).

Find out more in the tier list below:

Your support

Your financial support is needed to provide workshops to schools, NGOs and action groups. The money is used to produce printed materials handed to the participants and pop-up banners. A part is also used to promote the workshop through local media and online.

Tier 1 (available 10/10)

  • Small logo, short description (up to 50 words) and web link on the website and forum profile
  • Appearance on all materials alongside other sponsors
  • Special sponsor badge in forum and access to members-only forums and sponsors offers in forum and newsletter
  • Leaflets in workshops
  • £498 per year

Tier 2 (available 3/3)

  • Medium logo, medium description (up to 100 words), one opt-ed blog/newsletter article and forum announcement and web link
  • Physical banners in workshops
  • Plus, everything from Tier 1
  • £1,298 per year

Tier 3 (available 1/1)

  • Prominent logo, your own page with up to 500 words and web links
  • Lead sponsor of participant's personal climate change pledge document
  • Two opt-ed articles and two announcements per month
  • £2,998 per year